Transition Resources

Independent Living with Supports

The Independent Living with Supports (ILS) Program supports youth ages 16 to 21 who are transitioning out of care and into independent living. This is a critical time for many youth. The ILS team is committed to supporting youth in the community in their own apartment.

The goals of the program are to help youth:

  • become self-sufficient;
  • build their self-confidence; and
  • have the opportunity to experience success while gaining their independence.

The program builds on the strengths of the youth and encourages:

  • healthy decision-making; and
  • the development of positive peer interactions.

Youth in the program have the opportunity to:

  • create a home environment that meets their needs;
  • find and maintain an apartment;
  • obtain employment and/or schooling; and
  • develop basic life skills including budgeting, shopping, cooking, and cleaning.

Referrals: Send a social history and any psychological or psychiatric assessments to the program along with the desired date of placement. The clinical case manager reviews all referrals.

Independent Living with Supports Program
Phone: 204.794.7351
Fax: 204.221.9074

Life Train

The Life Train Program is a community-based, preventative program that provides one-on-one support to adult participants 18 to 29 years of age. Through the program, youth develop:

  • life skills;
  • pre-employment and job searching skills; and
  • self-advocacy skills.

Youth also receive assistance with career planning and exploring training and upgrading opportunities.

Based on individual need, participants receive one-on-one support and support in accessing resources related to basic needs, including:

  • medical;
  • legal issues;
  • Child and Family Services issues;
  • housing rights and responsibilities; and
  • employment and income assistance.

All participants have access to:

  • email;
  • computer services;
  • a fax machine; and
  • a photocopier.

Life Train provides a message service at no cost to participants so when they are looking for work, employers can contact them.

In partnership with SEED Winnipeg and the United Way, Life Train offers the Asset Building Program. The Asset Building Program provides individuals with the opportunity to save and learn about money management. The program matches three dollars for every dollar saved by the participant.

At the end of the program, participants have the potential to save up to $1000. They can use this money to purchase an asset that would help the individual improve their quality of life. To earn the matched dollars, participants must attend a money management training session one night a week for ten weeks. To qualify, individuals must be considered low income.

For hours of operation, please contact the program directly.

Referral: Potential participants can:

  • Come by our office during working hours and fill out an application form; or
  • Call and make an appointment with one of our employment counsellors.

Phone: 204.949.6500

Toll free: 1.866.949.6501