Skills 4 Life

Preparing Youth for Life as Adults

Our Skills4Life programs help youth leaving care navigate the realities of adulthood as they make the transition to independence and pursue their goals for school, work, and life. Skills4Life includes:


Funded by the Government of Canada's Youth Employment Skills Strategy, Skills4Success is a skills development program for youth ages 15-30 who are eager to work, but just need a little extra support, training, and knowledge to be successfull. Youth are paid for 18 weeks to participate in six weeks' classroom training plus 12 weeks' on-the-job training. Learn more.


Ready2Work is a tailored work placement program for young people who have work experience and are work-ready, but whose emplyment situation has been impactged by the COVID-19 pandemic in the last 18 months. Learn more.


Helps young adults 18 to 29 develop pre-employment and job search skills along with the ability to self-advocate. Participants also receive one-on-one help based on individual needs like housing and housing rights; medical, legal and CFS issues; as well as employment and income assistance.

Postive Alternatives for Youth (PAY)

Youth participants work in teams alongside volunteer mentors on community service projects to learn job and life skills while making positive contributions to our community.

The Living Room: MYS Youth Hub

The Youth Hub (aka the Living Room) is a safe, casual space where youth ages 13 through 25 can hang out, connect with each other and staff, and access a range of resources from mental health, to food, showers, important skills for life and more.

Independent Living With Supports

Helps youth 16 to 21 make the transition from living in care to caring for themselves as responsible and independent adults.

Housing First

Housing First helps young adults aged 18-30 who are homeless or aging out of care and at risk of becoming homeless find their first house or apartment. Youth also receive ongoing support as they learn to make their own way in the world as independent adults.