Skills 4 Life

Preparing Youth for Life as Adults

Our Skills4Life teams help youth leaving care negotiate the realities of adulthood as they make the transition to independence and pursue their goals for school, work & life.

Skills4Success - 204-949-6622

Skills4Success is a skills development program for youth ages 15-30 who are eager to work but just need a little extra support, training and knowledge to be successfull.

With funding from the Government of Canada's Youth Employment Skills Strategy, youth are paid for 18 weeks to participate in six weeks' classroom training plus 12 weeks' on-the-job training. Workshops and certifications include:

  • Workplace etiquette
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Effective Communication
  • Foot Handlers
  • First Aid/CPR

We are grateful to local businesses who partner with MYS to offer quality employment experiences. In return, employers have the opportunity to invite trained participants to become permanent assets in the workforce. 

"One never knows what to expect from work placement programs. Lester (left) is a responsible and focused individual who gives 100% to his job. Without a doubt, MYS training leads to successful placements." Kevin Mears, President, W.H. Escott


Postive Alternatives for Youth (PAY) - 204-949-4834

Youth participants work in teams alongside volunteer mentors on community service projects to learn job and life skills while making positive contributions to our community. The following programs are offered through PAY:

Youth Positively Involved in the Community - a provincial crime prevention program that offers enriching out of school experiences that also provide opportunities for youth to make meaningful contributions through partners like Harvest Manitoba, Agape Table and Fort Whyte Farms.

Community Service Support program - Youth with court-ordered community service who've been identified as high risk for not completing their hours are referred to the program for extra support and supervision to be successful.

Fine Option/Community Service supports - In partnership with Manitoba Justice, MYS is a resource centre where youth and adults with fines and court-ordered community service can register, be monitored and placed in the community to complete their hours.

Mentor Training & Suppport project - A combination of formal training and practical experience teaches mentors 18+ how to build healthy, trusting and safe relationships with youth.

MYS staff Evan and Jamee (far left/right), volunteer mentor Chantel and participants Randi and Jayden (l to r) teamed up to help furry friends at Winnipeg Animal Services.


Independent Living With Supports - 204-949-6506 or

Helps youth 16-21 make the transition from living in care to caring for yourselves as responsible & independent adults. Youth are established in your own apartment with personalized & ongoing support from MYS staff to:

  • Maintain secure, affordable housing & a positive home environment
  • Assess & enhance your skills for every day living
  • Work toward your goals for education & employment; improve your ability to budget, maintain your home, shop, cook & more (up to 21 hours direct support weekly)
  • Access meaningful community resources, healthcare, therapy, crisis & cultural services, while learning to build positive relationships & strengthen family & community connections.
  • Participate in bi-weekly peer support groups & regular group activities like camping, beach days, holiday dinners & more. 

"It was extremely helpful because it forced me to grow up & face the things I feared most. Like being alone at night, paying bills, taking the bus alone, getting a job, saving money & buying food for myself. They would come into the aparement regularly to check in & help with things like groceries or bills, depending on what I needed. They were always there to help." Breeze, 21 (top photo)

The Independent Living with Supports Team includes youth care workers, a tenancy support worker, program manager, clinical case manager & occupational therapist, who work collaboratively with youth, your family & systems of support through programs & interventions that promote safety, wellness, healthy development, resilience & permanency.

Referrals for this program are accepted directly from mandated child & family services agencies. Agency social workers can refer youth through MYS Centralized Intake.


Life Train - 204-949-6500 or

Youth 18-29 have access to a safe, supportive environment where they can develop pre-employment and job search skills along with the ability to self-advocate. Participants receive one-on-one help based on individual needs like housing and housing rights; medical, legal and CFS issues; as well as employment and income assistance.

Participants have access to email, computers, internet, fax machine and copier as well as free message services through our link to Community Connections for youth who are job hunting.