Skills 4 Life

Preparing Youth for Life as Adults

Postive Alternatives for Youth

Youth Positively Involved in the Community - Youth 12-20 have opportunities to stay active & out of trouble, make a meaningful difference, earn a high school volunteer credit & develop vital skills for work, school & life.

Community Service Support program - Youth at risk of not completing court-ordered community service (due to learning barriers, addictions, pregnancy etc.) receive extra support & supervision to ensure success.

Fine Option/Community Service supports - In partnership with Manitoba Justice, MYS is a resource centre where youth & adults with fines & court-ordered community service can register, be monitored & placed in the community to complete your hours.

Mentor Training & Suppport project - A combination of formal training & practical experience teaches mentors 18+ how to build healthy, trusting & safe relationships with youth.

"It's an excellent place to meet some great, empathetic people who care & want to engage with youth...It's like food for your soul." Liam, 22, volunteer mentor (top photo)


Independent Living With Supports

Helps youth 16-21 make the transition from living in care to caring for yourselves as responsible & independent adults. Youth are established in your own apartment with personalized & ongoing support from MYS staff to:

  • Maintain secure, affordable housing & a positive home environment
  • Assess & enhance your skills for every day living
  • Work toward your goals for education & employment; improve your ability to budget, maintain your home, shop, cook & more (up to 21 hours direct support weekly)
  • Access meaningful community resources, healthcare, therapy, crisis & cultural services, while learning to build positive relationships & strengthen family & community connections.
  • Participate in bi-weekly peer support groups & regular group activities like camping, beach days, holiday dinners & more. 

"It was extremely helpful because it forced me to grow up & face the things I feared most. Like being alone at night, paying bills, taking the bus alone, getting a job, saving money & buying food for myself. They would come into the aparement regularly to check in & help with things like groceries or bills, depending on what I needed. They were always there to help." Breeze, 21 (top photo)

The Independent Living with Supports Team includes youth care workers, a tenancy support worker, program manager, clinical case manager & occupational therapist, who work collaboratively with youth, your family & systems of support through programs & interventions that promote safety, wellness, healthy development, resilience & permanency.

Referrals for this program are accepted directly from mandated child & family services agencies. Agency social workers can refer youth through MYS Centralized Intake.


Life Train program

One-on-one support to help young adults, 18-29 boost your career potential, be your own advocate & effectively navigate life as adults.

  • Get help getting ID & treaty cards, filing income tax & understanding legal or CFS issues.
  • Access computers, the internet & other community resources
  • Learn about housing rights & responsiblities
  • Find the work, school or training program that's right for you.
  • And so much more!

After a year-long job search with no results, Tonya (top photo) turned to MYS, where she connected with a three-month internships that led to a full-time career she loves!

To fill out an application, visit 175 Mayfair or ask to speak with a MYS employment counsellor