Indigenous Initiatives

Relationships, Resilience & Reconnecting to the Land

Like healthy plants, strong roots create strong, resilient children and youth who can thrive and grow to their full potential. That why Indigenous Initiatives play such an important role at Macdonald Youth Services - connecting youth to the skills, knowledge, traditional languages experiences and land-based practices that are central to the healing journey for Indigenous families and critical to helping shape a child's identity and sense of belonging.

MYS is committed to helping youth recognize your amazing gifts and important responsibilities within our community. Indigenous Initiatives are creating more opportunities than ever to help youth heal and reclaim your relationships with Mother Earth, Father Sky and all our relations. These include:

  • The creation of a ceremonial site where youth, families and community can gather to learn and heal together.
  • New land-based summer camps that blend fun, ceremony and traditional teachings.
  • New training opportunities and weekly Indigenous teachings to help build knowledge and awareness throughout the MYS community.
  • Regular ceremonies include a Purification Lodge, Full Moon Ceremonies, Water Ceremonies, Pipe Ceremonies, Solstice Ceremonies, Young Men and Women's Sharing Circles, Medicine Picking and more.

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