Workforce Venture Program

Work Force Venture Program (WFV)

Work Force Venture (WFV) complements ARCH’s community homes by offering a community integration and work training program for youth who are struggling with maintaining a full academic workload or are at risk of dropping out of school. In partnership with the public school system, WFV provides academic and practical supports that encourage youth to stay in school and reach their full educational potential. Intake is achieved through meetings with the school administration, the student and an ARCH program representative. It is through these meetings that the student develops his/her academic goals and plans are established to help the student achieve these goals.

Through WFV, youth are offered a part-time, paid, supervised work experience in a supportive environment. Incorporating respect and caring, the program is designed to provide structure, develop a sense of community, meet students’ individual needs and provide an opportunity to develop employment and life skills. On a fee-for-service basis, youth perform yard maintenance, snow clearing and garbage removal for homeowners.

At Work Force Venture, we believe that by working with the public school system , we are able to help youth reach their full educational potential.