MYS Williamson Program

The Williamson Planning & Assessment Program - Winnipeg


Download a copy of our new Williamson Information Sheet here

Williamson is a six-bed community healing home in Winnipeg, where male youth ages 12 to 17, their families, caregivers and extended systems of support receive comprehensive strengths/needs/risk  assessments and screening over the course of 16 weeks to help guide referral and planning services, and address safety concerns.

The Williamson Assessment team ​provides comprehensive reports summarizing assessment services, screenings, and interventions completed during each youth's stay, along with recommendations for ongoing interventions, resources, supports and services that promote youth and family safety, wellness, healthy development, resilience and permanency. 

The assessment report is reviewed with youth, their families and extended systems of support at week 12, with the final four weeks reserved for supporting a successful transition.

Referrals for the Williamson Program are accepted directly from mandated child and family services agencies. Agency social workers can also refer youth through MYS Centralized Intake.

Centralized Intake: ​Leah Sosnowsky
Phone: 204.223.2085
Fax: ​204.284.4431

By creating a strong sense of safety, the program encourages youth to fully engage in the assessment process, laying the groundwork for better outcomes.