MYS Edgewood Program

MYS Edgewood Program - Winnipeg


Download a copy of our new Edgewood Information Sheet here.

Edgewood is a prevention, intervention & recovery program for male youth 12 to 16 with a history of sexually agressive behaviour. Two Edgewood Healing Homes in Winnipeg offer a total of 12 spaces.

Admission Criteria:

  • Males 12 to 16 who have committed a sexual offence &;
  • are actively participating in treatment;
  • take responsibility for their actions;
  • accept close supervision conditions in home & community;
  • developmentally & cognitively able to partipcate in group living & treatment;
  • approved for Level IV funding &;
  • participating in community day programming.

The program offers unique opportunities for youth to gain insight into thoughts, behaviours & emotions, address safety concerns, develop life skills, restore & preserve family & community relationships & build community supports & resources.

Experts in the field of sexually aggressive behaviour, treatment & recovery work closely with placing agencies, probation & cultural services, families, schools & community services to provide:

  • Strengths/ needs/risk assessments
  • Safety planning
  • Treatment & personalized plans
  • Sexual process group therapy
  • Psycho-educational group
  • Problem solving/life skills group
  • Cultural & spiritual services
  • Indigenous mentorship
  • Day & school programming
  • Transition planning

“Since being here, I have learned to express my feelings in an appropriate manner. I also have learned that it is okay to trust adults in my life and that they will not hurt me. The program taught me how to notice triggers and warning signs. They taught me how to stop the thought before I do something I will regret. I also got to become a kid again and experience that holidays can be safe and not scary.”

Youth from the Edgewood Program