The Chancellor Program

The Chancellor Program

Chancellor is a four-bed community home for male youth between 10 and 17 years of age (preference is given to younger males between 10 and 13) who require long-term planning. Many of the youth who come to Chancellor have mental health concerns, have experienced significant abuse and/or neglect and have difficulty forming healthy relationships.

The program takes a strength-based approach and works toward fulfilling previously unmet developmental needs, balanced with learning the acceptance of simple structures, responsibilities and boundaries. The program offers psychological assessments, individual therapy, group treatment, life-skills training, sex education, victim/offender specific treatment, educational/vocational programming, recreational programming and, when possible, family involvement. 

The treatment team provides the opportunity for youth to

  • establish daily routines and stabilize their behaviour
  • develop their strengths and learn skills to manage their limitations
  • learn appropriate boundaries, limit setting and problem-solving skills
  • develop life skills and learn socially appropriate behaviour and responses
  • resolve and heal from the past
  • make positive choices for the future
  • integrate into the community through the use of recreational, educational and other community resources

At Chancellor, we believe that nurturing relationships, established within a consistent and structured long-term placement will enable a young person to develop skills and practice making positive, healthy choices for themselves.