Healing Homes

Throughout Manitoba, a network of community healing group homes offer youth 10 to 17 safe spaces, compassion, one-on-one support & specialized therapy to help with emotional, behavioural, social &/or medical needs that require higher levels of support, supervision & intervention. The goal is to nurture trusting, positive relationships & cultural connections, healthy development, reslience & potential. Youth are involved in regular day programming that includes school work, life skills training, job training & work experience.

Adolescent Resources in Community Healing Homes - Winnipeg & Area

Special care & programming for youth 10 to 17. A comprehensive team approach includes youth care practioners, a therapist, clinical supervisor & program manager working together with families & existing extended support systems.

Kisewatisiwin Healing Homes - Northern Manitoba

  • Wuskwatim is a four-bed community healing home in Thompson that provides moderate & long-term personalized care for female youth 12 to 17.

Fischer Place (The Pas)

Fischer Place is a six-bed co-ed program that creates opportunities for adults living with significant intellectual disabilities to be active members of the community based on their skills, interests & personal goals. Residents are encouraged to build support networks & help each other achieve their potential. All participants are empowered with voices & choices.

Specialized Individual Placement

Five community healing homes & 17 residential placements provide special care & programming for youth 12 to 17 with high emotional &/or behavioural needs (including aggression, mental health concerns, cognitive delays & neurodevelopmental concerns like Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder). Youth have typically experienced signficant trauma & multiple placements.

The primary goals is to create a safe & stable foundation upon which youth can heal from past trauma while also building vital life skills to enhance their potential for a brighter future. This includes job training for youth who are having trouble finding & keeping work.

A school program offers a dynamic, flexible & customized curriculum that focuses on academics, artistic exploration & experiential learning to expand minds & broaden horizons. Group workshops & individual programming teach effective coping, pre-employment & independent living skills; and address issues related to anger management, substance abuse & sexuality.


  • Referrals to MYS healing homes come from child & families service agencies across Manitoba via the provincial placement desk. Out-of-province referalls may also be accepted when space is available.
  • Referrals to Fischer Place come from Community Living with disAbilities workers.
  • Wuskatim referrals must include a recent social history & any other assessments or relevant information.
  • Referrals for Specialized Individual Placement require Level 5 funding through the Child Protection Branch & should include a recent social history & any psychological or psychiatric assessments.

MYS Healing Homes Centralized Intake