Foster Care Resources

Alternative Parent Home and Purple Martin

The Alternative Parent Home (APH) service area offers specialized foster care through the Alternative Parent Home Program and the Purple Martin Program. These programs offer short- and long-term specialized foster care placements for children and youth from infancy to 21 years of age who have experienced behavioural difficulties and require specialized supports to meet their individual needs. The Purple Martin Program works specifically in partnership with Winnipeg Child and Family Services.

The program emphasizes the importance of team work and recognizes that the team needs to work together with the child/youth to develop a holistic plan to address the child’s needs. The team comprises foster parents, the clinical case manager, the therapist, the child and family services social worker, respite/support workers, the in-home facilitator and other professionals, as required.

Specialized care is an integral part of the APH and Purple Martin Programs. Clinical therapists, psychologists, and occupational resources are available to assist the team with ongoing care as required. Occupational therapy services provide therapeutic programming, such as an ongoing social club for all children and youth in the APH/Purple Martin programs. Foster parents are selected on the basis of their experience, skills, ability to understand and parent children with multiple needs and commitment to the children in their care. Our clinical team provides ongoing competency-based training for foster parents.


There is a dedicated intake and recruitment manager who reviews all referrals received from the provincial placement desk, Child and Family Services agencies and applications from potential foster families. Child and Family Services Agencies should send referrals, with as much information as possible, to or fax to 204. 477. 6692.

Foster Parent Recruitment/Referrals
p: 204. 949. 4832                                                                                                     
f: 204. 477. 6692

General Inquiries                                                                                                                       
p: 204. 949. 6523                                                                                                                  
f: 204. 477. 6692                                                                                                          

Alternative Parent Home (APH) Northern

The Northern Alternative Parent Homes Program has specialized foster care homes in The Pas, Opaskwayak Cree Nation and Thompson, Manitoba. Foster parents are full-time care providers with a specialized skill set that enables them to support and meet the needs of children and youth 0–21 years of age. The children and youth who receive service from the NAPH Program have emotional, behavioural, social and/or medical needs that require higher levels of support and supervision.

NAPH recognizes the importance of matching children and youth with placements that meet their needs. This process involves assessing the needs of the child or youth to the skills of the NAPH foster parent(s) and the characteristics of the home (i.e., rural or urban, characteristics of biological children, school programs available, needs of other NAPH children and youth currently placed in the home).

The goals of foster placements are

  • to create stability through the development of individualized care plans
  • to create care plans that address the needs of the child(ren) and youth living in the home
  • to provide each child and youth with a foundation from which they can reach their full potential and experience success as adults


Thompson, Manitoba
102–83 Churchill Drive
Thompson, Manitoba
R8N 0L6
p: 204. 677. 7870
f: 204. 778. 7778

The Pas, Manitoba
Box 958, 51–2nd Street East
The Pas, Manitoba
R9A 1K9
p: 204. 627. 1460
f: 204. 623. 5762