Community Services


The Coach program is a partnership between Macdonald Youth Services, Winnipeg School Division and Child and Family Services. It is designed to address the needs of students who are not successful in the existing educational system. The goal is to provide a comprehensive program consisting of academics and after school/evening and summer components. Coaches, as MYS employees, provide transportation and supports to the students in the off-campus classrooms and provide after-school and summer supports to youth and families.

One of the most unique aspects of the Coach program is the focus on family and after-school involvement. Coach relationships go beyond the student and involve the parents and families. This relationship begins at the very start of involvement with the Coach program and develops through each school pick-up and drop-off as well as the countless contacts made by phone. The Coaches provide transportation and mentorship for after-school and weekend activities.

The experience of school and authority is often changed for these youth and their families by the relationships developed with the coaches. In the basic activity of transportation and a daily phone call or conversation, relationships are built and parents/caregivers are empowered. School and education become a partnership.

While regular contact may end when a student transitions from Coach, informal contact never ends. Families are aware they can continue to call and to keep in touch for additional support, information about resources and just to stop in and share good news with people who still care about how they are doing.


Referral to Coach is through the Winnipeg School Division and Coach intake committee.

Positive Alternative for Youth (PAY)

Positive Alternatives for Youth (PAY) is a community-based program that supports youth at-risk between the ages 12–20 to become positively involved in their community. Working as part of a community service team, youth, staff and volunteer mentors work together to complete community service and volunteer projects that positively impact the community. PAY creates opportunities for youth to work with positive role models and gain independence while overcoming barriers, assessing and developing their life skills, sharpening their education and employment skills and building self-confidence. Volunteer mentors play an integral role in the quality and delivery of services to youth in all areas of the PAY program.

PAY offers the following projects

  • Community Service Support Program (CSSP) - This program is for youth who have court-ordered community service work and are identified as high-risk of not completing their hours or have previously been unsuccessful at completing their hours. Youth work in a supported team (volunteer mentors and staff) in the community at various locations in the city such as Winnipeg Harvest, The Winnipeg Humane Society and Riverview Health Centre.
    Referrals - An application is completed by probation officers and/or intensive support/supervision program workers (ISSP) and is submitted to the PAY program. The application form is reviewed by a case manager.
  • Youth Positively Involved in the Community (YPIC) - YPIC is for youth 12–20, who are looking for ways to be involved in the community. The program provides opportunities for youth to volunteer at a local drop-in and in various places throughout the community. This may be to gain experience and skills they can put on a resumé, to work towards a high school volunteer credit or for individuals who want to contribute to their community. This program is provided to prevent involvement or re-involvement in the criminal justice system.
    Referrals - A youth or caregiver completes an application and submits it to the PAY program. The case manager reviews the application and will contact the individual. If the individual is under the age of 18, guardian consent is required.
  • Mentor/Helpers Training and Support (MTS) Project - The MTS Project is dedicated to the development of adult mentors (volunteers who are over 18 years of age) who support all the projects within PAY. The project focuses on preparing volunteer mentors on how to build healthy, trusting and safe relationships with youth. Volunteer mentors work alongside youth providing support, guidance and being positive role models while gaining the skills to help youth reach their full potential. Volunteer mentors receive formal workshop training as well as ongoing support and training from the staff team. Applications for volunteer mentor positions are accepted on an ongoing basis. We ask our volunteers to commit for a minimum period of one year.
  • Referrals - The individual completes an application form and submits it to the PAY Program. The case manager reviews the application and will contact the individual. Volunteer mentors require a satisfactory Criminal Record Check and Child Abuse Registry.

Applications for volunteers can be sent to PAY Volunteer Application Form


555 Broadway
Winnipeg, Manitoba
R3C 0W4
p: 204. 949. 4834
f: 204. 284. 4431

Youth Resource Centre (YRC)

If you need a safe place to stay, contact 204.477.1804 (within Winnipeg) or 1.888.477.1804 (outside of Winnipeg).

The Youth Resource Centre (YRC) and Emergency Shelter is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The shelter offers short-term, overnight, emergency stays for youth ages 12–17. In addition, crisis intervention, counselling, case management, advocacy, and basic needs (e.g., food, hygiene, clothes, shower) are all services offered to youth accessing the shelter. Based on the needs of youth, eight beds are available and assigned on a daily basis; however, staff ensure youth are not turned away and will find alternate resources if needed.

The YRC offers referral, advocacy, resources, information and short-term basic needs services to youth ages 12–21 on a walk-in basis.