Local Magician Giving Back to the Community

As a recent commerce graduate, Evan Morgan was looking for a way to give back to the community. He approached Macdonald Youth Services (MYS) as he wanted to offer a magic program to kids who may not otherwise have the opportunity to experience magic.

This extraordinary young man was willing to make it all happen - he offered to volunteer his time, to raise the funds to cover the cost of props and he wanted to donate any additional funds raised to the MYS Education Fund.

From July 29 to July 30, Evan provided 8 kids ages 8-13 years the opportunity to experience the power of magic. They learned the history of magic, the rules, and magic tricks which included glow in the dark boogers, which the kids loved! Evan says "These are the best kids I have ever taught; the greatest reward is seeing their creativity, how much they progressed and their performances".

"The time that Evan has dedicated to the Alternative Parent Home (APH) Service is invaluable and greatly appreciated. The kids learned more than just magic. Most kids were initially shy, but with time and Evan's guidance the kids built confidence, developed relationships, supported one another, and developed team skills. This was a fabulous opportunity and we look forward to continuing to work with Evan" says Lindsey, an Occupational Therapist with the APH Program.

On Thursday, August 13, 2014, Evan dropped by MYS to present a cheque to the MYS Education Fund. 

THANK YOU EVAN - Your kind heart and generosity means so much to us!