Celebrating 20 years of youth crisis services in Manitoba

March 9, 2018

Four non-profit organizations are marking 20 years of service to youth in crisis. Macdonald Youth Services (MYS), Marymound, Ma Mawi Wi Chi Itata, and Project Neecheewam are celebrating 20 years of partnership in operating the Youth Crisis Stabilization Services in Manitoba.

Services include a 24-hour crisis line, a mobile crisis team that provide on-site services to young people experiencing crisis, and crisis stabilization units that provide a safe, nurturing environment for young people (ages 9 to 17) with a place where they can stabilize following a crisis situation.

"We are pleased to be marking 20 years of service together," explains Dr. Erma Chapman, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) for MYS. "We are thankful for the contribution that each partner has brought to the table over the last 20 years."

Marymound and Project Neecheewam operate crisis stabilization units (CSUs) where they provide a safe place for young people to work through some of the stress that comes with a crisis. Marymoud also offers education services to help ensure a smooth transition back to school for young people.

"Project Neecheewam is able to help link young people with their cultures while they work through challenging life situations. This is so important for Indigenous youth who are in crisis," explains Project Neecheewam Executive Director Cory Campbell. " We treat our clients like they are our nephews and nieces, so they know we are always going to be there to support them if they need us."

"Marymound also works to ensure that youth staying in our crisis stabilization units know we care for them by listening and providing support when needed. Many cultural practices, such as smudging, singing, and drumming as well as traditional teachings are also implemented into their healing process," explains Marymound's CEO Nancy Parker." We are looking forward to another 20 years of being a part of the Youth Crisis Stabilization Services."

"Ma Mawi Wi Chi Itata provides Indigenous-led services rooted in values of building relationships based on mutual respect and trust. We offer home-based crisis intervention services as part of our partnership with MYS, Marymound, and Project Neecheewam," explains Ma Mawi's Executive Director Diane Redsky. "The services we offer to Indigenous youth in crisis include support, respite, and mentoring."

"The Manitoba government values the many services provided by Macdonald Youth Services," stats Manitoba's Minister of Families Scott Fielding. "We congratulate Youth Crisis Stabilization Services on its 20th anniversary of providing crisis intervention services to children, youth, and families and look forward to being a partner in these important services for many years to come."

A celebration is happening today at MYS' Therapeutic Centre at 175 Mayfair Avenue in Winnipeg at 2pm. Media are welcome to receive tours of the centre and will be able to interview partner spokespersons.