An update from our CEO Erma Chapman

It's been a very busy year. We'd like to share a quick update with all of our supporters about the transition we have made into our beautiful new facility at 175 Mayfair Avenue in Winnipeg. As you may know, our therapeutic centre opened in Spring 2017.

Before our new building was ready, our Winnipeg-based programs and services were working in five separate locations! We now work together in one building, with our youth participants being an integral part of our environment. The youth bring energy, boisterous voices and laughter, and a daily reminder of who we are at MYS.

In nine months of sharing new space we have reached some goals. We are:

Our facility and location support many meaningful moments. Space to teach, train, comfort, collaborate, create, and share with our staff, clients, donors, and families is now a reality.

Working together to enhance our inclusion of families in their children's care and healing, we are embarking on initiatives that we can only accomplish in our shared space.

MYS appreciates your support. We are better able to support Manitoba residents because of your kind gifts. We cannot meet all of the needs on our own--your assistance is vital for healthy growth and healing among the children, youth, adults, and families we serve!

When you are selecting a charity for a year-end donation, please think about MYS. Your contribution can save the life of a young person in Manitoba.


Dr. Erma Chapman, CEO