Winter clothing donations needed for youth clients

Macdonald Youth Services seeks clothing donations for child and youth clients

Winnipeg, MB (November 6, 2017)… Macdonald Youth Services (MYS) is appealing to caring Manitobans to help provide warmth for youth this winter. The agency is collecting clothing donations to help ensure that all of its youth clients can make it through the winter with everything they need to stay warm.

“We have a variety of programs helping youth from diverse backgrounds. Many of our clients have what they need to make it through the winter, but we also see other youth who need help with some of their basic needs, such as shelter and warm clothing,” explains Dr. Erma Chapman, the Chief Executive Officer for MYS. “We know how caring Manitoba residents can be, and we are appealing to them to consider picking something up for our youth clients when they are shopping for their own winter clothing supplies.”

MYS has many programs and services that help children, youth, adults, and families. Last year the agency helped over 8000 Manitobans across the province. The Youth Resource Centre/Shelter at 159 Mayfair Avenue provides a place for youth (ages 12 to 17) if they need somewhere safe and warm to stay for the night. The Life Train Program helps youth who are looking for education and employment opportunities while the Independent Living with Supports Program assists youth who are transitioning out of foster care and into independent living. 

The agency is looking for a variety of clothing supplies to help its youth clients, as follows:

The public can drop off donations at the following MYS locations:

You can download and print a shopping list here.



For more information:

Melanie Ferris, Communications Specialist

Office: 204.949.6527