Media release: MYS takes part in the CEO Sleepout tonight


Winnipeg, MB (October 26, 2017)… Dr. Erma Chapman, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) for Macdonald Youth Services (MYS), is once again taking part in the CEO Sleepout in downtown Winnipeg. MYS’ Board member Shane Storie (Vice-President) is also taking part in the event.

The CEO Sleepout has been happening since 2011. It takes part in Winnipeg tonight, October 26, 2017, just outside of the RBC Convention Centre. It is an event that aims to create a dialogue and understanding around homelessness. Participants raise money that goes towards creating work for people who have experienced homelessness.

This will be the third year that Dr. Chapman has been a part of this event. Several years ago, Winnipeg city councilor (Fort Rouge East Fort Garry) Jenny Gerbasi encouraged her to take part in the event.

“Jenny said, ‘We need people like you to talk about what happens and what it’s about,’’ recalls Dr. Chapman. “I promised her I would do it the next year. Our MYS staff reacted so positively towards it, they were happy that their CEO was actually sleeping out. MYS received some money from the CEO Sleepout for our youth, so I continue to do it.”

The CEO Sleepout took a break last year. CEO Chapman explains, “Having that year in between really helped me. I wasn’t going to take part last year because my leg was broken. For people who are homeless, it doesn’t matter if their leg is broken. I’m going back in the full spirit of: this is our kids who this is helping. That’s why I’m doing it.”

MYS has many programs and services that help to combat youth homelessness. The agency has a housing program to help youth who are transitioning out of foster care and also does a variety of work with youth who are living in foster care and working towards healing from intergenerational trauma. The agency’s Youth Resource Centre/Shelter at 159 Mayfair Avenue provides a place for youth (ages 12 to 17) if they need somewhere safe and warm to stay for the night.

Dr. Erma Chapman will be available for media appearances during the evening of the CEO Sleepout.


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About MYS: Established in 1929, MYS helps children, youth, adults and families through six key programs: a walk-in shelter for youth, full-time foster family care, specialized counseling, group homes, mobile crisis teams, and work and life skills programs. Last year, MYS helped over 8000 clients in Winnipeg, Thompson, and The Pas.