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Indigenous Initiatives Team

Our new Indigenous cultural space on the riverbank behind 175 Mayfair really took shape this summer. So too did our new Indigenous Initiatives team, led by Auntie Cheyenne! Jaime and Chris are knowledge keepers, Kathryn is our land-based education coordinator and Luana is our cultural care practictioner.

The Indigenous Initiatives team plays such an important role at MYS in connecting youth to the skills, knowledge, traditional languages experiences and land-based practices that are central to the healing journey for Indigenous families and critical to helping shape a child's identity and sense of belonging.

Indigenous Initiatives runs weekly teachings and activities for youth and families, including regular cemonies such as:

Miigwetch to our sister agency Neecheewam for sharing your amazing people with MYS and miigwetch to our Indigenous Initiatives team for helping youth learn who they are as a person by teaching them more about their identity as a people!