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Closure and New Beginnings

This week, our Mino Ayaawin team has been thinking about the different ways we celebrate endings and transitions, both on our own and as part of a larger community. Recently, we've seen neighbourhoods, schools and families come together in fun new ways to mark graduations and the end of the school year.

When experiencing closure and change, often the last thing we do is the first thing we will remember. Our team shared a few of our own memories from the pandemic so far:

We were encouraged with how well people came together to support one another - Christa

There was an incredible show of our strengths, which are not always visible in our day-to-day roles - Jasmine

The creation of Mino Ayaawin brought together our northern and southern teams in a beautiful way and the silos that are characteristic of programs were minimized - Jessica

There was a collaboration and sharing of resources which was very refreshing - Cheryce

In this collaboration, we were able to do so much more than we would have been able to do on our own - Katrina

Our community demonstrated we are made of tough stuff and when faced with massive change, we demonstrated caring, consideration and compassion in new ways - Abi

At the same time, COVID19 brought a lot of new beginnings, like new investments in learning and using technology to bring people together in new ways. Our community showed how adaptable we can be with new ways of working (PPE). We hunkered down and kept our youth, families and ourselves safe. We saw our community of foster families and healing homes get creative when it comes to staying engaged together. We've learned to stay closer to home and move at a slower pace.

Following are links to resources and activities that support positive transitions from closure to new beginnings.

This will be the last activity package for the summer. The Mino Ayaawin (whole person health, feeling good, feeling healthy) team will be taking a break. We plan to reconvene in the fall to assess community needs. Meantime, we'd love to hear from you. What have you learned so far from your experiences with the pandemic that will help you in the future?

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Take care!

Mino Ayaawin