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It's Okay to Grieve

Dealing With Loss and Change

This week, our MYS Mino Ayaawin team has been talking about the importance of acknowledging and grieving the losses we've all experienced during this time. Grief is the emotional response to loss, and loss is not only specific to the loss of physical life. We've all experienced loss due to COVID19. Grief has physical, emotional, behavioural, social, cultural and spiritual components. Even though it may look different for everyone, we all need to grieve. And we're here to remind you that it's okay! Allowing ourselves to feel our feelings is important. This doesn't only apply to our children, but also to ourselves as caregivers and helpers. It is important to hold space for each other, but equally as important to let ourselves grieve as we experience loss and change. It's okay to be sad some days, and confused or frustrated other days. You have a right to feel those feelings. Most importantly, take as much time as you need throughout this process. Remember, our challenges are opportunities to grow. And even while we experience loss and change, we can focus on positive and happy memories and experiences to help us find peace within our days. Here are some links to helpful resources:


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