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Connecting With Nature

"Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better." Albert Einstein

Connecting with the natural world is so important. Whether it's going outside and exploring our own back yard, making art with natural materials, going to a park for a picnic, or going for a walk through the forest, connecting with nature has many therapeutic benefits for our bodies, minds and spirits. It can help us find a sense of healing, calm and balance - especially important right now. Spending time in nature also has so many positive effects on young people. It can increase social-emotional wellbeing, improve focus and attention, aid in impulse control and reduce stress. Research says spending just five minutes outside every day can drastically reduce the levels of cortisol (stress chemical) in our brains. Nature really is the greatest teacher. There are so many trees in the forest, but they all co-exist in peace and harmony, giving constantly and asking nothing in return. Nature heightens our awareness, balances our sense and allows us to be mindful. It encourages us to dissovle boundaries, reflect on interconnectedness, and remember the importance of taking care of each other. Being outdoors and connecting with nature is also a great way to encourage physical activity while still keeping a safe social distance. Following are links to great activities and resources to help you and your family connect with nature. Enjoy and stay well!

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