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Spring Forward!

It's hard to believe we are four weeks into spring. Earlier than it's been in 124 years, the Spring Equinox brings more daylight and later sunsets. Birds are migrating north, and many of our geese friends have begun settling back into their favourite spots, including the riverbank behind our office at 175 Mayfair Avenue! Animals have begun shedding their winter coats - and so have we!

Spring often compels us to "spring clean," both physically and mentally. In spring, no one is focused on the snow that fell all winter - we are forward thinking, itching to get outside and be inspired by the new life taking root around us. This year should be no different, regardless of our current circumstances. Look around, observe the signs of spring all around us. We've included some resources to help.

Stay safe, take care of yourselves and each other. And remember, "where flowers bloom, so does hope." (Lady Bird Johnson)

Check out this colourful spring-themed craft you can do at home with coffee filters and markers! Chromotography butterflies combine science and crafting into one.

Do you enjoy bird watching? Here's a FREE printable bird book to keep track of all your spring sightings.

Planting season is just around the corner. Observe plant growth using bulbs.

Pipe cleaner tulips and daffodil craft idea

Flowers and Weeds Activity

Internet Scavenger Hunt - Seeds on the Move

I Spy Spring

MTS Spring Season 5 Senses Worksheet

Plant Vocabulary Worksheet

Spring Colour 3

Spring Colouring