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Safety and Self-Soothing During COVID-19 and Beyond

Jasmine & Abigail are MYS Family Therapists with some great advice & helpful resources


The COVID-19 pandemic has caused a range of fears, worries and uncertainties. Situations like this tend to heighten our emotions and can be triggering for many reasons. They can also lead to disagreements caused by differences in opinions and responses. Some people may feel extreme fear while other may not appear to care at all (denial).

The best thing we can do for ourselves, our families and our community is remain calm, breathe and talk openly about our feelings as needed. Everything you are feeling, regardless of what it is, has value and purpose.

But, it's also important to remember everyone processes and expresses their feelings in different ways. For those supporting young people, it is our responsbility to steer realistic conversations. Remember to be extra patient, kind and undertanding - both with yourself and others as we navigate this experience. We're all in this together!

Try to find positive moments in your days and fill them with things you enjoy. Remember those around us, especially young people, will feel the energy we are exuding. When you need support, turn to those aournd you. Go outside (being in nature is a good way to get out of isolation, but sill practice social distancing), breathe deeply and intentionally, or complete an activity that will sooth your nervous system, such as drawing, writing or making something out of clay.

Watch for weekly blog posts with engaging activities for children, youth and families.

This week, our theme is Safety and Self-Soothing. It's important to consider what makes us feel safe, and what makes us feel better during times of uncertainty. Our hope is to provide you with brief moments of escape from the stress around us.

Please be aware of how the COVID-19 crisis is affecting you and the young people in your life. Here's a link from the CDC with some great information on managing stress, and how to help your children do the same. If you or someone you know is experiencing heightened emotions, increased mental health concerns, or a crisis situation, please contact the approrpriate help line:

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