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Finding Your Spark

We all have things that make us special and unique. Sometimes we can lose sight of this, especially when challenges arise. But when times get tough, it's important to draw on our strengths (the things that make us who we are and feel good about ourselves), stay positive, and shine as bright as we can. We need to share our gifts with the world, now more than ever! This is also a great time to develop new strengths and try things we've always wanted to do.

Following are links to some activities and resources. We hope they help you find your spark and shine even brighter!

We've also included this video by Abi on preventing trauma - the primary purpose behind all the activities our MYS therapists have been suggesting.

3 Stars and a Wish

About Me Activity

Finding Your Spark - Favourite Things

I Am - Poster Templates

Mindful Journal Colouring

My Strengths and Qualities activity

Strengths Chain activity

Vision Board activity

We Are Hanging Out at Home story

For more fun activities, we suggest you visit The Craft Train