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Reconnecting to the Land & Restoring Relationships

Like healthy plants, strong roots create strong, resilient children & youth who can thrive & grow to their full potential. That's why Indigenous cultural services are an important focus for Macdonald Youth Services - helping preserve & protect health & wellbeing for youth & families by preserving a way of life based on spirituality, sacredness, reciprocity, education & social responsibility.

It means reconnecting youth to the skills, knowledge, traditional languages, experiences & land-based practices that are central to the healing journey for Indigenous families & critical to shaping a child's identity.

The main goal is to help youth recognize their amazing gifts & important responsibilites within our community; to share cultural teachings that can help youth heal & reclaim their relationship with Mother Earth, Father Sky & all our relations. With more opportunities to learn about their culture, tradition, & ceremonies, youth also have more opportunities to experience pride & belonging.

Soon, a new MYS ceremonial site is set to become a space where youth, families, & community can gather to learn & heal together. New Indigenous training opportunities & weekly traditional teachings will also help build knowledge & awareness throughout the MYS community.

Other exciting new initiatives include:

The Pow Wow Club will be up & running every other Thursday starting on January 17, 2019 from 6 - 8 pm at Thunderbird House. See poster for more details.