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Momentum continues for weekly Reconciliation Circles at MYS

Participants in a 10-week Circles for Reconciliation program at MYS are learning that reconciliation begins with each and every one of us. More than individual words and actions, it must become a way of life.

On this Tuesday morning, as it is every Tuesday and Thursday when circles take place, the Indigenous cultural room at MYS is filled with the smell of sage as participants begin each session with a smudge and a commitment to openness and authenticity underscored by the facilitator: "It's better to fail with honesty than to succeed by fraud."

For the next hour, Indigenous and non-Indigenous participants engage in a meaningful discussion that provides opportunities to share experiences and learn from one another. This week, the topic organically gravitates to Metis history.

"It's about revisiting the past that isn't talked about enough," said one participant. And while the subject matter can often be difficult, participants typically leave the circles with a better understanding of why truth & reconciliation is so vitally important to all Canadians.