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New Beginnings

Last week I had the privilege of signing numerous graduations cards as many of our youth celebrated an incredibly important milestone. I carefully chose words that acknowledged the hard work and success of graduating, dreams for a bright future, new beginnings and using lessons learned to face any challenges.  

A message for all graduates; 
"Enjoy and remember the journey, live in the present and look forward to the future! May your graduation be just the beginning of a lifetime of fulfillment for you."

I could feel and see the pride of the MYS family as we celebrated the youths' accomplishments and their hope for a wonderful future.  I look forward to hearing about all their achievements as they move forward in life. 

On June 28 over 200 team members enjoyed lunch by Smoke'n Bob's in the park.  It was an incredible way to welcome a Manitoba summer. Winners of the draw: Sonya N will be getting a day off work when I cover her shift at the Youth Resource Centre and Will A will enjoy dinner and a Jets game. There was lots of laughter and excitement when a spontaneous game of Duck Duck Goose was initiated. It was a real pleasure hosting the 1st annual MYS barbecue and I look forward to building on this year's success to plan future events.  


Have a wonderful and safe summer.