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Visiting Northern Manitoba

The week began with Frankie Snider, Director of Care and I travelling to meet our Kise team in Thompson and The Pas.  I have travelled to the North many times but never with the excitement I felt on Monday morning as we boarded our Calm Air flight.  I wasn't sure what to expect but knew we had dedicated and creative team members waiting for us as I had already met them virtually.

I had only met Dave Kuhl, Kise coordinator on a TV screen and I had envisioned him as 6 foot tall.  The only thing I will say is I did not recognize Dave as he approached Frankie and I to offer us a ride .  That was the beginning of a 48 hour marathon that involved touring, meeting and dreaming about future opportunities to further support youth, adults and families in the north.  

I had the opportunity to meet with community stakeholder representatives from Cree Nation Child and Family Services and the Department of Families.  I learned about the current role of MYS in supporting their agencies and identified new services that are needed locally.  I was very excited to witness the desire to collaborate and am positive with Dave and his capable team members representing MYS we will see innovative solutions that will ensure improved services.

There is nothing to compare with northern hospitality.  Frankie and I are so grateful for the wonderful welcome we received.  We were both so excited to meet the northern MYS team in person and witness first hand their passion for serving youth, adults and families.  The work of the Kise team as generalists with youth infused with cultural programs and community partnerships is the successful recipe for their many accomplishments.  I look forward to many more trips north to meet team members and the northerners we serve.  I will be looking for opportunities to apply the lessons learned to other parts of the MYS organization.

This week Philipa Caplan retired after 18 years of working at MYS.  She worked in many areas of the organization; HR, Events and Fund Development with always with the desire to ensure MYS had the tools required to serve youth and families.  Phil had an ability to connect many Manitobans to the mission of MYS and organized many gatherings to celebrate volunteers, honour donors and acknowledge milestones for the organization.  I am confident as she approaches her next chapter in life that she will remain a champion for MYS.  Your MYS family wishes you laughter, love and happiness in your well deserved retirement.  You will be missed.

MYS services extend across the entire province of Manitoba with the goal of helping youth, adults and families to build better tomorrows.  I continue to be excited everyday about the many gifts our MYS team members share as they work hard to support Manitobans.