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What Makes a Good Leader?

Since April 1, 2018 I have been submerged  in the MYS culture; learning acronyms, gaining an understanding of program areas and meeting team members, youth, agencies and community stakeholders.  I know I have bombarded everyone with questions and more questions.  My curiosity about MYS and how it relates and responds  to the needs of the community is endless. 


The one question that never leaves my mind for long is; "What makes a good leader?". I begin and end every day reflecting on the possibilities. There are thousands of books, Ted Talks and expert advice that carefully list the traits of a good leader.  As I continue to gather information I realize that when  new leadership arrives the anticipation of change feels like a weight surrounding everyone involved.  It is important, as we proceed, that a cohesive team is created who understand clearly the purpose, implementation and outcomes desired.  This cohesive team is imperative for positive change so we must take the time to build a team that trusts and shares a similar vision. 


I am studying and learning about leadership every day. I need to accept that time is not my enemy but rather gives me the opportunity to build an MYS team that provides the programs youth and families need across the province. 


I have a new saying - " I love being in my 50's" and that is because I now have the confidence to make mistakes, the ability to admit I do not know everything and the desire to take the risk required to improve a situation.   Ensuring the change focuses on improving outcomes  for youth and families, MYS will continue to build a better future for all Manitobans.