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WHAT A SEASON FOR THE WINNIPEG JETS !  It all ended last week after a

great run on the road to the Stanley Cup.  Go Jets Go was felt internationally, nationally,

provincially and here at MYS!!  We are very proud of our Winnipeg Jets and look forward to

next season.

The Jets proved that with hard work, determination, focus and team work you can

succeed.  This approach is no different than what happens daily

at MYS, as our team strives to produce the very best outcomes for our youth and their families.

The goals scored are as diverse as the people we serve but include; academic success,

graduating from post secondary school, maintaining family connections, finding a job and

living independently. These are important milestones that occur daily with minimal fan fare. 

The MYS heroes don’t sign contracts and make millions of dollars, but are

dedicated to helping Manitoba youth and their families achieve their goals.

I witnessed a "GAME WINNING GOAL" first hand when an MYS team member worked with

multiple agencies to host a large family visit.  The family included siblings ranging from 18 years to 1 year

old.  The family visit was lovingly arranged with games, food and lots of photos to mark the event. 

This was the first time some of the children HAD ever met.  I couldn’t help but stop by on

numerous occasions to marvel at the family enjoying THEIR special day.  Everyone agreed

the visit was a huge success and A second visit is already planned.  Congratulations to

everyone who assisted in the planning and coordination of this invaluable opportunity for

this family.

On May 21 I had the privilege of attending the Tallman Foundation 10thAnniversary

Graduation Ceremony.  It was so heartwarming to hear the stories as many Tallman

students shared their experiences and their appreciation at being able to attend post-secondary

because of scholarships they had received. The foundation provides financial

support but almost more importantly provides ongoing emotional assistance by creating a family that

shares and cares for each other.   Thank you Cathy, Bob, Matt and Marc, for your commitment to youth

in Manitoba.  You are truly champions!!

I continue to feel so blessed to live and work in a province with so many champions.  MYS

would not exist if it wasn’t for the generosity of Manitobans.  I continue to ask a lot of

questions, learn something new about MYS everyday and I never stop thinking about the

needs of the families and youth we serve. I am excited to be part of the MYS team as

we help our clients score big!!