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Building Trust Builds Relationships

Building Trust Builds Relationships

Tours of our homes continued last week as I visited five homes providing group
care services to youth.  I was impressed at the way the homes blended into communities and were very well maintained. I met team members who have worked for decades providing care to Manitoba youth.  I was so pleased to see their energetic, thoughtful and creative approach to supporting youth in a warm, homey atmosphere.  I heard on multiple occasions about youth that have moved away but continue to visit and share their lives with the MYS family.  Building relationships creates a sense of belonging for the youth and translates into success.  The lifetime bonds ensure they will always have a home filled with acceptance and champions to celebrate their successes.

As I sat in transition meetings this week I was reminded about the power of words and the consequences of labels. I heard little mention of progress that had been made through the years. I encourage our team to focus on strengths vs deficits. As the professionals in the lives of these young people we have the power to write the ending before they even have a chance to spread their wings.  It is important we recognize the gifts of our youth while creating a safe place where they can learn from their mistakes as well as their accomplishments.

MYS was introduced to a wonderful young man, Theland Kicknosway who shared his many gifts and lessons with youth and team members. He shared his knowledge about Hoop dancing and encouraged youth to pick up the hoops.  Theland was a phenomenal teacher and inspired all who participated in the event.  It was truly incredible to see the youth dance with him as they created wings and held the world in their hands.  I heard many individuals receive instruction about making their own hoops.  I look forward to seeing them continue their lessons at the Pow Wow Circle.  Theland’s
message was clear ; be proud of your culture, we all have a voice and a responsibility
to be active citizens.  Thank you Theland. You have left your mark on MYS and we
are very grateful for your visit.

Ten months ago, Melanie Ferris joined our MYS team as a communications specialist,
sharing her expertise in communication as well as her passion for Indigenous
culture.  She has been described as a Fire Starter by another team member due to her
ability to create various opportunities (fires).  Melanie has been offered an exciting
opportunity at the Assembly of Manitoba Chiefs(AMC) which she has accepted. She
will be starting there on May 22.  We are not saying good bye, but rather, see you soon. 
There are many fires that we will need to keep burning in her absence, but I am confident that team members will ensure these initiatives continue.  Good luck Melanie. We will miss you!

Earlier I reflected on the importance of building trusting relationships for our
youth. I have been told that trust is earned with time and experience and I
am prepared work hard to develop the relationships with MYS team members, youth,
stakeholders and families necessary to earn that trust. Building trusting
relationships will ensure the MYS team remains strong and continues to build our