MYS Model of Care


At the heart of our work is the MYS Model of Care - a framework of fundamental principles and values that guide everything we do.



MYS is committed to helping staff, volunteers, youth, families and the wider community understand the impact of trauma, along with best practices for holistic healing and growth.


Ensuring a sense of safety (physical, emotional and cultural), structure, respect and belonging are priorities for the entire MYS community at all times.


MYS is committed to building trust with youth, families, employees, volunteers, partners, funders and the wider community. We strive for consistency, predictable expectations and clear boundaries.


We can accomplish so much more together than we ever could alone, and everyone in the MYS community has something important to contribute. That's why MYS is committed to community partnerships and working in a spirit of collaboration.


Self-determnation and the ability to make decisions about their own care is something MYS wants for all youth wherever possible.


Strong, positive relationships and a sense of belonging help healing happen. That's why MYS is committed to strengthening youth connections to family, culture and community.


MYS utilizes the Circle of Courage® framework for promoting resiliency by helping youth achieve a sense belonging, mastery, independence and generosity.


MYS respects diversity and is committed to responding capably and compassionately to ALL people. Recognizing the majority of youth and families we serve are Indigienous, MYS is also committed to improving our understanding of the Indigenous journey through ongoing training and workshops.