Board of Directors

Board of Directors 2017–2018

Our Board of Directors for 2017-2018 is pictured below: 

From left to right: Alec MacIsaac, Brad Wolfe*, Donna Glover, Warren Sawatzky*, Serena Ehrmantraut, Jim Krovats, Ian Gillies, Tom Liontas, Candace Olson, Mandeep Rai, Sonja Tunovic, Jim Thunder**, Jim Venn*, Sarah Corley. Photo credit: Steve Salnikowski

Board members who are missing from the photo are Ryan Haney, Thai Lam, Candace Olson, and Shane Storie.

​An asterisk (*) indicates members of the corporation.

​**Jim Thunder is no longer on the MYS Board of Directors.

Board Executive

Board Members

Members of the Corporation