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I was hounoured to be asked to Chair the Board of MYS one year ago. It was just after moving into our new facility amidst all the excitement. It's been amazing to see MYS staff, volunteers, and partners - capably led by Dr. Erma Chapman - embrace new possibilities for collaboration and innovation. That insight was incredibly important when Erma annouced her retirement.

As always, the entire MYS team pulled together and did what was needed to be done until we found the ideal leader in Kerri Irvin-Ross. A very capable, energetic, former politician with a strong background in social services, Kerri has embraced the role wholeheartedly and will use her experience to help MYS help more kids and families.

We also gained some other fantastic new team members with a range of skills and experience. Sadly, we lost some wonderful friends over the past year too.

We owe a great deal to the community partners with whom we collaborate to achieve the best possible results. We are grateful for guidance and support from the people and organizations that work to protect and serve Manitobans, including the Winnipeg Police Service, whose members use MYS services for kids in crisis.

I want to thank all our supporters and donors who help MYS deliver the best care possible. We could not do it without you. Thank you.

MYS is a spirit of genuine desire to help kids and families see a future full of opportunity, regardless of what happened in the past, honouring their culture and heritage always.

I am so thankful for everyone who passes through our doors. I am also proud to be part of a team that's made and incredible difference over the past year - and who will continue growing together in the future so we can do more for Manitobans.

Jim Krovats,
2017/18 Board Chair

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