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Macdonald Youth Services (MYS) values individuals who give of their time and talent in many ways. MYS divides its volunteers into four groups:

  • Agency volunteers either work directly with clients of MYS or have a regular, recurring presence at Macdonald Youth Services. These volunteers may be working as mentors or providing training in their field of expertise.
  • External relations volunteers are volunteers who contributes his or her time to short-term, task-focused programs or projects that do not involve working directly with clients of MYS. In particular, these volunteers may be assisting in the planning of events or other fundraising efforts.
  • Virtual volunteers are volunteers who work on projects and complete tasks, in whole or in part, entirely on a computer via the Internet. Some of the tasks may include graphic design or video editing.
  • Board members are a special category of volunteer and are nominated to the Board by a committee. They have duties and responsibilities outlined as part of the By Laws. MYS Board of Directors belong to Standing Committees, such as:
    • Finance and Financial Audit Committee
      The Finance and Financial Audit Committee shall oversee and monitor the financial position of the Corporation and its subsidiaries. The Committee shall also provide strategic financial direction to ensure that adequate resources remain available to meet the present and future needs of youth and families.
    • Planning and Priorities Committee
      The Planning and Priorities Committee shall guide the Board in determining the future direction of the Corporation. The Committee shall oversee and monitor Agency strategic and annual plans, ensuring that such plans evolve continuously, considering new research and knowledge regarding the delivery of services to children, youth and families, as well as the changing needs of communities and clients.
    • Property Committee
      The Property Committee shall provide strategic direction for the Corporation to ensure that buildings and land are appropriate to achieve the long-term goals and functions of the Corporation’s programs and services. The Committee shall also provide an audit function to ensure that the buildings and land owned, leased or rented by the Corporation is maintained as per community and Corporation standards.
    • Board Development and By-Laws Committee
      The Board and By-Laws Committee shall identify needs, priorities and interests of the Board of Directors in the context of its on-going development, including the identification of individuals who could assist the Corporation as Members. The Committee shall also review the Corporation’s By-laws on an on-going basis.
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