MYS Programs: Youth Crisis Stabilization System (YCSS)

To access the Youth Crisis Stabilization System (YCSS), please call 949-4777 or toll-free at 1-888-383-2776.

Target Group
  • Children or youth at risk for suicide
  • Children who put their lives at risk
  • Children who are an obvious life threat to self and others
  • Chronic substance abuse combined with chronic running posing a health threat
  • Children at risk for involuntary displacement from home
  • Children experiencing mental health or psychosocial stressors
  • To support children in crisis at home
  • To limit institutionalization
  • To offer a range of quick, accessible services to children and families in crisis
  • To promote systems cooperation and resource planning
  • To support the preservation of healthy families and communities
  • Early identification of mental health concerns
  • To provide community-based crisis services to children who formerly accessed institutionally based services.
  • To ensure that crisis services are available to children and their families in a timely and appropriate fashion.
  • To provide leadership in the development of a community-based system of mental health services for children and their families.
  • Access to services available through the Youth Crisis Stabilization System is through Intake.
Intake is 24 hours per day, seven days per week. Crises are referred to the Mobile Crisis Teams; non-crises are referred to the appropriate service. All services are accessed through 949-4777 or toll-free at 1-888-383-2776.
The Mobile Crisis Team
The Mobile Crisis Team is a crisis response team, responsible for delivering services to children, adolescents, families and care-givers, when crisis services are required. The teams will stabilize crises, provide on-site services and develop treatment strategies for ongoing intervention.
The Brief Therapy Team
The Brief Therapy Team is a multidisciplinary team that provides time-limited, solution-focused therapy to children, adolescents and their families; addressing issues and events which lead to a crisis. The Brief Therapy Team receives its referrals from the Mobile Crisis Team.
The Crisis Stabilization Units
The Crisis Stabilization Units (CSU) are accessed by the Mobile Crisis Team when children are found to be in extreme distress and require time to return to pre-crisis functioning without requiring hospitalization. The CSUs are operated in partnership with Marymound, Inc. (girls) and Project Neecheewam, Inc. (boys).

Clinical Follow-up Facilitators will assist children, families and their support systems access the services they need in order to carry out the intervention strategies developed by the Mobile Crisis Team. They are also responsible for discharge plans from the CSU.
Home-Based Crisis Intervention Services
Home-Based Crisis Intervention Services are accessed by the Mobile Crisis Team when families need help to re-establish function following a crisis. These services will include support, respite and mentoring. This service is operated by Ma Mawi Wi Chi Itata.
Youth Educational Service
The Youth Educational Service is accessed through Intake to facilitate positive reconnections with home schools following a crisis. This service is operated by Marymound Inc.
Further Information
The Youth Crisis Stabilization System is an intersectoral, interagency service sponsored by Manitoba Family Services and Labour, and Manitoba Education and Literacy.
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