MYS Programs: Services To Older Adolescents (STOA)

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Youth Resource Centre / Shelter
Youth Resource Centre / Shelter
Youth Resource Centre / Shelter
161 Mayfair Avenue
ph: (204) 477-1804  ::  tf: 1 (888) 477-1804

The YRC offers short-term emergency shelter and basic needs walk-in resource services to youth. It is located at 161 Mayfair Ave in Winnipeg and has been operating since 1992. The Youth Resource Centre / Shelter offers short-term, overnight, emergency shelter to 8 youth ages 12 to 17 years of age per night. Beds are assigned on a first come first serve basis every night. Crisis intervention counselling, food, hygiene needs, shower, clothes and case management are all services offered to youth accessing a shelter bed. The Youth Resource Centre / Shelter also offers referral, advocacy, resources, information and short term basic needs services to youth ages 12 to 20 years of age on a walk-in basis.
Positive Alternatives for Youth (PAY)
ph: (204) 949-4834

PAY Youth Projects:
Youth participating in the program will work within a team alongside volunteer Mentors/Helpers and staff on community service/volunteer projects. Positive Alternatives for Youth (PAY) assists youth in successfully completing community service, assessing and developing their life, education, and/or employment skills and being positively involved in the community through individualized case planning/management. Youth will gain confidence and independence as they participate in community service, education/employment preparation and/or life-skill development and recreation events.
  1. Community Service Support Program (CSSP)
    The CSSP began in 1994. Youth who have court-ordered community service work and are identified as high-risk of not completing their hours, or have previously been unsuccessful at completing their hours, are referred to the program for extra support and supervision. Youth work in a supported team (mentors and staff) at various locations in the city such as Winnipeg Harvest, The Winnipeg Humane Society and Fred Douglas Lodge.
  2. Support Towards Education/Employment Participation (STEP)
    The STEP Project operates in Winnipeg and began in 2000. Youth between the ages of 15-20 who are not attending school and are unemployed can apply to participate in the program and receive a stipend, which is the equivalent of minimum wage. Youth develop skills and experience through volunteering in a supported team, participating in life skills workshops, employment workshops and cooking. The goal of the program is for youth to build their skills in order to transition to involvement in school, a training program or employment.
  3. Youth Positively Involved in the Community (YPIC)
    YPIC began in 2005. This program provides an opportunity for youth between the ages of 12-20 to be involved in positive programming. This project came about as a result of youth interest. The evening programming is provided in hopes of preventing involvement or re-involvement in the criminal justice system. This is made possible due to a partnership with Riverview Health Centre and Fort Rouge School.
Other PAY Projects:
Other services in the Positive Alternatives for Youth (PAY) include:
  1. Mentor/Helpers Training and Support (MTS) Project
    Volunteer Mentors/Helpers play an integral role in the quality and delivery of services to youth in all areas of the PAY program. The MTS Project is dedicated to the development of Adult Mentors/Helpers (volunteers 18 and older) to adequately and effectively provide service to youth at- risk who come to PAY for a variety of reasons. The MTS Project focuses on preparing Mentors/Helpers to build healthy, trusting and safe relationships with youth and to prepare them for handling issues and supporting youth as they develop their skills and work towards their goals. Mentors/Helpers will receive 14 hours of formal workshop training as well as ongoing support and training from the staff team. Applications for volunteer Mentor/Helpers positions are accepted on a continual and ongoing basis. We ask our volunteers to commit for a minimum period of 1-year.

    Please visit our Materials section for our project brochure.
  2. Fine Option / Community Service Orders
    Manitoba Justice contracts with Macdonald Youth Services via PAY, to provide a Community Resource Centre in the Fort Rouge, Crescentwood, and Riverview area of Winnipeg for youth and adults with fines and/or court ordered community service. PAY staff register, monitor and provide placement and resources to these clients as they work to complete their community service. In most instances, clients with Fine Option/Community Service Orders are placed external to PAY (in other community organizations).
Life Train Program
175A Mayfair Avenue
ph: (204) 949-6500  ::  tf: 1 (866) 949-6501

The Life Train Program provides an individualized approach that supports adult participants (18-29 years of age) to develop their “skills for life”, pre-employment, job search, and self advocacy skills. Life Train also assists with career planning.

Participants receive help with basic needs, legal issues, CFS issues, housing rights and responsibilities and become familiar with computers and other resources in the community. We help participants find work, schooling and training program. We help them with their income tax, procurement of IDs, treaty cards and applications for funding. We are also linked to Community Connections and can provide a message service at no cost to participants so that when they are looking for work employers have some way to contact them. There is also a follow-up component participants can access if they need support after they have exited the program.

Other Life Train Projects:
  1. Asset Building Program
    Asset Building Program is made available in partnership with SEED Winnipeg and the United Way. Youth save $250 matched up to $750 for six months toward a predetermined asset. They also receive instruction in money management once a week for 10 weeks.
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